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5 Tips to Choose the Best Commercial Construction Estimating Service

5 Tips to Choose the Best Commercial Construction Estimating Service

Commercial Construction Estimation is a vertical that requires deep experience and understanding of the ins and outs of commercial takeoffs and construction planning. When you have a project at hand or counting that is tricky, a Construction Estimating Service can immensely help at figuring out cost estimates and many other things.

However, when you’re on the search of finding a good Commercial Construction Estimating Service, the gargantuan number of options available can make it tough to make a decision. When you are looking for a good and affordable estimating service consultation, there are many factors that rule out which service is legit and which one is not.

Commercial Construction Estimating Service

As an experienced Commercial Construction Estimating Service with in-house specialists, we, at Estimate Florida Consulting have charted out thorough research to bring you 5 efficient tips to help you choose the best Commercial Construction Estimating Services both online and offline.

Before that, let us help you understand why an estimate is important before starting off with your construction project.

Why is an estimate important for a construction project?

Estimates, or let’s say accurate estimates win new companies and further projects from diversified clients. An estimate allows an in-depth understanding of construction documents,  take-offs, and other job costs that can be both direct or indirect. While the direct costs can be hassle-free, indirect and hidden costs, on the other hand, can deeply affect the total budget if there is no estimate.

This is why legit commercial construction estimating companies and services do thorough research and then bring in an estimate that helps save both time and money. In other words, a Construction Cost Estimator providing accurate estimates is a great tool for project management.

1. Look for Services providing accurate Construction Labour and Material Takeoff

The first thing about commercial construction, no project planner should ignore is labour costs. Labour costs are trickier than just the hourly rates. They include both federal and state payroll costs, apart from benefits. Thus, in order to decide on an ideal labour cost, a good Construction Estimating Service breaks down labour costs, evaluates projects and the experience level of your works to help you save money and bring inaccurate reports. 

Material Takeoffs are yet another part of the equation that needs to be figured out with precision and accuracy. When choosing an estimating service, go through the company’s portfolio, because a diverse portfolio means the service will be updated with market conditions and current prices. 

Once you have a reliable material takeoff from a good estimating service, you may also be provided with free updates on minor changes in the prices, if the company values deep accuracy at all times. Material Takeoff requires expertise in the construction vertical itself, therefore, when choosing the service, do inquire about the experience of the service you’ll be working with.

2. Choose a Service with a diverse portfolio:

A company with a diverse portfolio can handle estimates and takeoffs for multiple projects. In simple words, Construction Estimating Consultants with a diverse portfolio have a better understanding of bidding, takeoffs, and other associated verticals. At Estimate Florida Consulting, we have a portfolio that includes projects such as renovation, addition, new construction, as well as restoration from around the globe. 

Commercial Construction Estimating Service

3. Lookout for Services providing both Estimates and Consultation: 

Services that are good enough at estimation should be equally good at consultation. Why? The reason is simple. If they understand the estimation process, they do know the solutions to most of your construction-related problems. Is it preparation for a bid proposal, or is understanding how you can avoid cost overruns? A good commercial construction cost estimating service will be able to help you prepare for bid proposals, give you insights on not falling prey to cost overruns, and also help budget management. 

4. Prioritise Expertise over Lesser Quotes: 

Sure, good Construction Estimating Consultants have competitive rates that make them accessible to every construction planner, whether a subcontractor, designer, or an architect. However, if you’re getting attractively low rates that seem almost impossible to be nailed down by other services, then you should be checking their reviews. Great reviews are testimonials to the expertise a service has. Reviews from the clientele speak for how good the service is at what they do. Therefore, if you are offered low rates, but bad reviews about a service, we suggest you keep searching for services that have glorious reviews and in-house expertise. 

5. Check the turnaround time of the Service: 

The primary reason why most construction companies, subcontractors, contractors, vendors, architects and others use Outsource Estimating Service is that it is a time-consuming process. It is not only exhausting but estimates should be intricately detailed which translates to spending days, even weeks coming up with an estimate that is accurate and ideal. Therefore, construction-associated individuals prefer outsourcing these estimates and getting them done by experts who could do it within a quick turnaround time. 

However, if an Outsource Estimating Service takes any more than 2-3 days to prepare the estimate, what is the point of outsourcing after all? Thus, opt for estimating services that have a quick turnaround time. An ideal turnaround time for any good estimating service in 24 – 48 hours. 

Work with Experts – Choose Estimate Florida Consulting for estimates and consultation

From Residential Construction Cost Estimating Service to Commercial Construction Estimating Service to other speciality estimates, we at Estimate Florida Consulting value both accuracy and precision to help our clients across bidding and budget planning to design estimates and more. Working with contractors, subcontractors, remodelling contractors, architects and designers, developers, and homebuilders, we provide the following services to our clientele:

  • Construction Estimates for Contractors and Sub-contractors
  • Design Estimates
  • Construction Material Takeoffs
  • Preliminary Estimate and Construction Document Estimate for Developers
  • Consultation & Bid Filing
  • Constructor Estimator

With easy to understand accurate reports, affordable quotes, confidentiality and an experienced team of certified estimators, we strive to help you achieve success and profitability in every project you work on with our service. 

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