We provide construction estimating consulting service for contractors, owners, and developers, Sub Contractors, Architects, and Lenders.

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We know about your problem. Here we are for the solution. For commercial construction estimating, this is very important that there should be good experience and precision. We worked for a lot of clients of different types of industries. And many projects had completed of commercial construction. We work for different types of projects. Some of them are given here.

Construction Estimator Florida works for estimating and consulting service. We have professional experts for this work. We know that you deserve to win with best work. And this is the important step to have accurate estimate.

Designed for Commercial Contractors, General Contractors, Developers, Lenders, Owners, and Architects.


We also work for commercial developers, contractors, architects, & designers. We know that it is very difficult to have accurate cost estimates when somebody work on a large project. Here we can help you.

Estimate consulting helps you get a better understanding of how to properly quote a job.  Our construction consultant team is dedicated to estimating costs at the proper rates. We go into detail regarding materials and labor.  However, you will need to fully understand the process and how to manage it.  Construction jobs come in all sizes.  A larger job means that you need to be very careful that you take everything into consideration.  When you are looking at bidding on a larger job, this can take a considerable amount of time and effort.  If you are a busy contractor, then you might want to consider Estimate consulting to ensure that you have everything you need.

construction estimating services

We will assist you with negotiations between you and your sub-contractors.  We are good at what we do.  Estimating is all we do.  That’s why estimate consulting can be very beneficial to many building contractors.  As a general contractor, you know how much you have to do on any given day.  There is a lot of juggling and management of your teams as well as the sub-contractors.  On top of all of that, you need to keep the pipeline full of incoming work.  This is a lot of pressure and stress. However, if you need assistance with your estimates, we are here for your estimated consulting needs.

Budget Creation

Our consulting team will take your Schematic or Design Development drawings and prepare a budget estimate that can be periodically updated as design decisions are made.

Construction Estimating Consulting Service

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