You may lose more than $300,000 per month in your construction projects. You may have no time to do research to create an estimate. We are handling this for contractors.

We are working to help contractors with the goal of helping them to win more projects.

This month, one of our clients has won a project of $600,000 with our highly accurate estimating service.

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General Contractors, Developers, and Owner / Builders

Projects estimated for General Contractors, Owner, Builders, Developers.  Our cost database allows us to accurately estimate full projects.


Monti Crest Community

Trades: Exterior Painting Stucco Masonry 4- Story building

Villa Appartments

Trades: Electrical, Plumbing, Impact Windows & doors

PF Chang Restaurant

Interior Painting, Flooring, metal framing

Gould House

Trades: Stucco, Exterior Painting Remodeling 210 Apartments

Preliminary Budget Estimates

Banks, Private Lenders, and Architects 

The following projects were performed during the pre-construction phase.  The majority were either in early design stages or just prior to starting construction.  Our estimates are useful in obtaining loans, budgeting for clients during the design phase, cost analysis for projects prior to committing to purchase property, and invaluable for negotiating with contractors.

Commercial Construction Cost Estimator

The Sumner

Trades: Full Scope - Commercial Building

Monti Crest Community

Trades: Metal Framing Concrete Masonry Walls - Residential Estimate

O'Reilly Auto

Trades: Electrical, Painting, Flooring - 6 Story building

Ms Dinorah Neives

Trades: Concrete, Roofing, Masonry

Stucco, Concrete, Masonry, others

Projects estimated for painting contractors. Ranges from single family to large multi-story buildings.  Many of our projects were designed by Contractors intricate with painters.

Federation Community

Trades: Exterior Painting, Plumbing, HVCA

Holiday in

Trades: Interior Painting, Electrical

14 Town Homes

Trades: Full renovation

Storage facility

Trades: Stucco, Painting

Our Clients And Partners

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Patio Pools and Driveways
Patio Pools and Driveways
"Came to recuse and took care the project from start to finish"
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I used their services for estimation. I am really impressed with their services. Thank you for your good service.
Markone Contractors
Markone Contractors
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I have won projects by construction estimate reports that they prepared for me. Thank you, now I am making good profit with them. It's very easy to manage my construction projects with the reports they make.
Marvelous Marble Restoration
Marvelous Marble Restoration
"Came to recuse and took care the project from start to finish"
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Thank you Estimate Florida Consulting. I have save a lot of money and time by estimate report that you prepared for my projects. I have completed my projects on time. My clients are very happy with my service.