Industrial Estimating Service

Our Industrial estimating service helps contractors to save estimating costs and increase their accuracy. We have a team of professional estimators to analyze and prepare the accurate estimates. Estimate Florida Consulting is used in rendering total estimating solutions to EPC contractors, engineering firms, financial investors, and joint venture partners in the United States. We have a wide range of industrial estimating services. We work on every specific needs of our clients from the start of project planning. 

Our estimate report has been prepared with the latest technology softwares like PlanSwift. These tools increase the accuracy with ZIP code tracking systems.

Industrial Estimate Service

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Industrial estimating service works on developing bids or support companies in controlling costs by reviewing project budgets. When planning the budget, the estimator takes into account the number of workers involved in the project, materials needed, time, transportation costs and variable market prices.

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A estimating company help contractors to prepare an accurate estimate report. The estimate report helps to win the project. It also helps in reduce the cost of development and increase the profit. 

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Heavy construction means construction other than building construction; e.g., highway or street, sewer and pipeline, railroad, communication and power line, flood con- trol, irrigation, marine, etc.

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As an appraiser, your team is responsible for buying new jobs for your construction company. This means a lot of responsibility and pressure and as every reviewer knows, the job can be stressful. But evaluation doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.

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Our Industrial Estimating Service

We know that you are too busy with your previous projects. And now you are losing construction jobs because of no estimating report. We know it takes too much time to research and analyse a construction project. You need to have all information about labour and material to make an estimating report. 

Estimate Florida Consulting provides estimating reports on the basis of ZIP code. That’s why our labour and material takeoff are highly accurate. 

It will save your time. You need to check the report only for 10 to 15 minutes and you are done. Now you are ready to present a perfect bid for that project. We’ll discuss these terms in the estimating report.

Industrial Estimating Service

Get Accurate Industrial Estimating Service

Get an accurate estimate report for your Industrial projects. Estimate Florida Consulting can help you on estimate making. We have professional estimators to manage your Industrial Construction Estimating. You will get a highly accurate and well managed estimate report. 

We have worked for industrial, commercial, and residential projects. And our clients are very happy with our services. We got a 100% client satisfaction rate for our services.

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This is very important that you must have a close to accurate estimate to win more projects. An accurate estimate report can help you to make a perfect bid for construction projects.

Designed for Industrial Contractors, General Contractors, Developers, Lenders, Owners, and Architects.




Its easy simply as a email you upload the plans and any other relevant project documents to us.


  • Existing and proposed floor plans
  • Existing and proposed elevation drawings
  • Any other project information

All drawings should be sent as Adobe pdf files be to a recognized metric scale, for example: 1:50 or 1:200.

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Contact info: 561.530.2845




When we get your plans we will provide you with a priced for producing your estimate .


We will also send;

  • List of any questions related to the project to ensure we provide a detailed and accurate estimate.
  • A request for what profit margin you require applying to the estimate
  • A request for any company branding so we can apply it to your estimate, enabling you to send it directly to the client upon receipt.
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Contact info: 561.530.2845




Upon acceptance of the quote, we will send across our invoice including all company information and payment details.


We accept the following methods of payment

  • BACS / Bank transfer to details provided on the invoice.
  • Paypal to our company paypal account.
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank cheque
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Contact info: 561.530.2845




Turnaround: Small jobs 1-2 days, larger jobs max 3-4 days, your estimate report will be e mailed back to you.



You will receive the following information;

  • Detailed Estimate in PDF Format / Excel if required
  • Labor Rate breakdown summary.
  • Preliminaries Summary Included
  • A list of provisional sum items and estimate qualifications
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Contact info: 561.530.2845



* This is based on standard non bespoke projects and estimates may be returned after the time estimate.


Estimate Florida Consulting works for industrial construction contractors, architects, developers, designers, owners, and more. Get our service for industrial estimating to make your project profitable.

Industrial estimating service helps contractors, sub contractors, developers, architects, owners, and more. If you are a contractor and looking for a perfect estimating service then we can help you on this. Our professional experts can make a close to accurate estimate report. That report can help you to get a construction job. We have been working on this field for a very long time. So our team has a great experience in estimating work.

Industrial Estimating Service
Industrial Estimating Service

Many other estimators don’t have too much experience in this field. And they make too many mistakes on estimating reports. And a very small mistake can make a big change in your project. So this is very important that you need a good and experienced estimator. 

Budget Creation

Our team will take your Schematic or Design Development drawings and prepare a budget estimate that can be periodically updated as design decisions are made.

Industrial Estimate Service

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Process To Get Industrial Estimate Report

Here I am going to share some steps to get your industrial estimate report.

  • You need to send your plan to us.

    You can send us your plan on

  • You receive a quote for your project.

    Before starting your project, we send you a quote for your service. That quote will have detailed information about your project. Here you will get information about the size, difficulty, complexity and bid date when determining pricing.

  • Get Estimate Report

    We do industrial estimating and prepare a detailed report for your project. At last you finalize the report and finish the project.

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