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Estimate Florida Consulting provides a building estimating service. We have done residential and commercial building estimates for small and big projects.

Building estimating is processed to predict probable project costs by calculating the quantity of materials and their cost using market prices before the construction project is carried out.

Now you don’t need to rely on rough values for project bids. We can do this for you. We have a team of professional estimators for construction estimating services.

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Building Estimating Service

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Construction Estimator
  • Prepares and estimates budget costs for construction by studying plans and specifications.
  • Evaluates offers to purchase by site requirements, additions, and costing changes.
  • Resolves cost differences by analyzing and collecting info.
  • Writes up and presents budgets, reports, and project plans.
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Cost estimators collect and analyze data in order to estimate the time, money, materials, and labor required to manufacture a product, construct a building, or provide a service. They generally specialize in a particular product or industry.

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Top-down estimating occurs when company management imposes a cost and/or duration on a project, usually without a detailed cost analysis. The estimating process is derived from the opinions of a group of experienced managers, possibly supplemented by outside experts.

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Let’s help you with our most trusted and affordable estimating firm Estimate Florida Consulting. Get close to accurate estimate reports for your projects. 

Estimate Florida Consulting helps homebuilders, residential builders, commercial builders, institutional builders, architects, owners, etc to win more projects by building estimating service.

We know that an estimate report is very important for a builder. Our estimators work on the basis of ZIP code tracking. So you don’t need to worry about accuracy in estimate report.

Building Construction Cost Estimating Process

Understanding cost estimation requires you to have a basic grasp of the construction process. (If you’re interested in learning more about the construction processPearson’s Building Construction: Principles, Materials, and Systems is an excellent resource.) Here are the nine basic phases of a building project: 

  • Commissioning a Project

    Commissioning is essentially a verification process that ensures a builder designs, constructs, and delivers a project according to the owner’s requirements. It begins early in the construction process and can last until up to a year of occupancy or use. A commissioning provider carries out commissioning, usually a firm with experience in commissioning buildings that serve particular functions.

  • Determining Requirements

    The first real step in constructing a project is a pre-design phase or planning phase. The pre-design phase involves defining a project’s requirements: what its function(s) will be, how much it should cost, where it will be located, and any legal requirements it must comply with.

  • Forming a Design Team

    The project owner contracts with an architect who will then select other specialized consultants to form a design team. Complex projects and projects which require meeting specific design requirements — such as acoustics or housing hazardous materials — will have more specialized consultants on board to ensure the design meets requirements. The architect is generally responsible for overseeing and coordinating the design process, though for some projects (such as industrial construction), an engineer may be one of the people overseeing design.

  • Designing the Structure

    This step deals with the architect creating a series of designs. The architect works first with the owner to decide on the broad strokes of the design and then increasingly closely with the other members of the design team to flesh out the structure’s design in accordance with requirements. Designing thus progresses from a schematic design phase, when the architect presents a high-level design to the owner for approval, to a design development phase, when the architect works with the design consultants to decide on specifics of the construction design. The last step is the construction documents phase, i.e., creating construction drawings and specifications from which the contractor will build. The specifications, which various participants in the construction process read, appear in a standard format called the MasterFormat, which the Construction Specifications Institute developed. Estimators produce and revise cost estimates for the project as the architect fleshes out the design.

  • Bidding Based on the Scope of Work

    Once the construction documents are finalized, they are released to contractors who wish to bid on the project. Along with these bidding documents, they include instructions on how to submit bids, a sample of the contract agreement, and financial and technical requirements for contractors. These documents, which effectively define the scope of the work, are the basis on which contractors prepare their estimates. For more on how to develop a statement of work, consult this guide. To ensure fair bidding, all contractors receive the same information, and the project owner usually selects the lowest qualified bidder.

  • Signing the Contract

    Once the contractor has been selected, they execute a set of contract documents with the owner. The contract documents encompass the bidding documents, which now function as a legal contract between owner and contractor. Contracts can follow a number of models, depending on how complete the construction design is and how the owner and contractor bear risks. One of the basic models is a lump sum (also called a stipulated sum or turnkey) contract, which involves the contractor bidding a fixed sum for the total project and agreeing upon it when the project’s design is virtually complete. A unit price contract allows for more flexibility in design by having the owner pay the contractor per number of units they build. A cost-plus contract, signed when the design is incomplete, has the owner pay for all costs plus a predetermined fee for the contractor. A variation of this is cost plus a fee with a guaranteed maximum.

  • Construction

    During the construction phase, the contractor oversees building in accordance with the construction documents. A general contractor will hire specialized subcontractors for different sets of construction tasks, such as plumbing or foundation work. Throughout the construction process, the contractor engages in careful cost control, comparing actual expenditure with forecasted expenditure at multiple points in the construction process. Cost control ensures that the contractor is actually able to turn a profit.

  • Close-Out

    When the builder comes close to finishing a structure, the contractor requests the architect perform a substantial completion inspection in which the architect verifies the near-complete status of the project. At this stage, the contractor provides the architect with a document called the punch list, which lists any incomplete work or needed corrections. After the architect inspects the structure, they will add any additional incomplete items to the punch list.

  • Completion

    After the contractor completes all the incomplete work detailed on the punch list, the architect performs a final inspection. If the contractor has completed the structure according to construction drawings and specifications, the architect will issue a certificate of final completion, and the contractor is entitled to receive the full payment.

A Construction Cost Estimates Perspective on Building Systems

Creating a cost estimate for a project as complicated as a building calls for a systematic way of enumerating costs. To simplify the process, cost estimators may use the Uniformat system of viewing a building as a set of seven functional divisions. These are: 

  • Substructure
  • Shell
  • Interiors
  • Services
  • Equipment and furnishings
  • Special construction
  • Building site work 

Contractors who are bidding for a job will create a document called the bill of quantities, which is an itemized list of the work and materials required for a construction project. This is a crucial step in determining the cost of the work before bidding. Creating a bill of quantities is a four-step process that used to be done painstakingly by hand on paper and is now usually done with spreadsheets or specialized software. 

  • Taking-Off Quantities

    Working from the construction documents, a quantity surveyor will measure the tasks and items of work in a project. This requires scaling dimensions from drawings. One will record these in standard units such as area, volume, or length. For example, you can quantify excavation in cubic meters and steel supports in linear feet. It’s important to follow one of the standard methodologies, such as the New Rules of Measurement. The surveyor will list the number of each item in the project.

  • Squaring

    Next, the quantity surveyor multiplies the dimensions of the component into square area and multiplies this by the number of times this work item occurs in the construction, thus getting the total dimensions, length, volume, and area as applicable.

  • Abstracting

    Abstracting is the collecting and ordering of the squared dimensions. Similar tasks and components are grouped together. Once you have taken off and squared all items and have obtained total dimensions, they must be merged. You make deductions for any voids or openings in the building, such as stairs.

  • Billing

    This last step simply involves presenting item descriptions and quantities in a structured format, the bill of quantities. You usually present these in a hierarchy for group, subgroup, and work section. (Examples include substructure, earthwork, and site clearance.)

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We Work For These Projects

We Work For These Projects

Estimate Florida Consulting has worked for big and small businesses. We have helped building contractors, subcontractors, architects, residential builders, owners with our estimate reports and material takeoffs. 

We are a trusted estimating company in Florida. And we are known for the best construction estimating service. 

Process To Get Building Estimate Report

Here I am going to share some steps to get your Building estimate report.

  • You need to send your plan to us.

    You can send us your plan on

  • You receive a quote for your project.

    Before starting your project, we send you a quote for your service. That quote will have detailed information about your project. Here you will get information about the size, difficulty, complexity and bid date when determining pricing.

  • Get Estimate Report

    We do building estimating and prepare a detailed report for your project. At last you finalize the report and finish the project.

We Quantify in Our Building Estimating Service

We Quantify in Our Building Estimating Service

Why Choose Us?

Estimate Florida Consulting has some of the unique features for contractors, subcontractors, concrete contractors, developers, architects, and owners. 

Outsource Building Estimator

Outsource Building Estimator

We would be happy to help home builders, residential builders, architects, developers, owners, etc to win more projects. 

If you are busy with your running projects you can outsource building estimating service. Estimate Florida Consulting provides a service to outsource building estimating

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Accurate Building Estimating

Now you don’t need to rely on a rough idea about material and labor costs for your big or small projects. Estimate Florida Consulting has a team of professional building estimators for construction projects.

Our estimators work with ZIP Code tracking for labor and material costs. So you’ll get an accurate estimate report. You’ll be ready to bid project. 

You just need to review the report for 10-15 minutes.

Construction Building Estimator
Commercial Construction Cost Estimator in Jacksonville

Bid Consultation Service

We have well-experienced construction consultants to guide you for the perfect bid. He will share some working strategy to bid and win more projects. You can take our construction consultation service to win more projeccts. 

We know that you already doing good but adding value always works.

24x7 Incredible Support

We are always open to support you. You can ask us about your project report anytime. And we’ll tell you about your estimate preparation.

We would be happy to help you to win more projects.

Building Estimating Service


Commercial build-out costs are one of the determining factors for attracting and retaining tenants. This will help the landlords find the tenants ready to stay longer in your property. Let us find the factors that make up the commercial build-out costs and how it is determining factor for successful commercial building occupancy.


According to the National Association of Home Builders, the cost of constructing the foundation accounts for 11.3% of the total construction costs. This cost includes excavation, concrete fills, backfills, and retaining walls if necessary.

Commercial Building Estimator
Commercial Building Estimator


Labor costs in a commercial construction building project range from 20% to 40% of the total construction costs. The factors affecting labor costs in a project are the direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are simple to calculate as they include employee wages. Indirect costs include employee benefits, taxes, training, and employee development. Also, depending on the labor burden, labor costs are likely to change.


Construction material costs specified by the design team, to a great extent, affect the building costs. For example, steel buildings that need a lot of fabrication are more expensive than regular concrete structures. This cost ranges from 17.3% to 25%.

Commercial Building Estimator
Commercial Building Estimator


Finishes tremendously drive up the costs. High-grade finishes cost way higher than lower or mid-grade options. Exterior finishes account for 15% of the commercial construction costs. Some of these include walls, roofing, and windows.  Interior finishes include insulation, flooring, cabinets and countertops, lighting, and other appliances. These are among the most expensive project costs as they take up 29.1% of the total costs. The construction cost varies with the type of finish.


There is anecdotal evidence that shows the zoning where a project is located affects the construction costs. However, cost changes because of zoning are inconsistent, and it isn’t easy to gauge how they fluctuate with time and place. Accessibility to materials in highly populated cities is also more difficult compared to suburban areas.

Commercial Building Estimator

Hard Commercial Build-Out Costs

These are the costs associated with the improvements to the commercial building that are added to the building with the full idea of leaving them behind when the tenant is leaving the building. These are of the nature of altering the building’s basic nature and are mostly borne by the landlord as they are meant to remain on the property even after the tenant leaves the building. These include permanent alterations and improvements made to the property and may amount to about 75 to 85 percent of commercial build-out costs.

Soft Commercial Build-Out Costs

These are costs are ones that are spent for obtaining services and payment of statutory and other fees required to be paid for the completion of the project. The commercial construction cost breakdown shows that this will amount to 8 to 12% of the project’s total cost.

Cost of Building A Commercial Building

The cost of a commercial building build-outs depends on the class of the building also.

In Class A buildings with more than the average rent offering premier office space, and in Class B buildings with the average rental charges for standard fitments and adequate systems or in class C buildings that offer only functional spaces, there is no one fit to all simple formula to calculate the quantum of commercial build-out costs.

Commercial Building Estimator

Commercial Building Cost Estimator

The Construction Link Incorporated

Designed for unit price and lump sum bidding, Estimating Link is a complete estimating and bidding software. It is ideal for users that need a fast, effective way to bid heavy highway, environmental, bridges, site work and civil projects, and for both state and private commercial work.

Construction Estimating Software
Construction Estimating Software


We ensure that we take you to step by step throughout the project to keep you fully informed about all the important details of your commercial construction project. OneSource Construction Company also focuses on building and maintaining exceptional customer and partner relationships because we take pride in our local community and look forward to helping it grow and flourish day by day.

Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro is the #1 all-in-one business software built specifically for remodeling and design professionals. From local marketing tools to project and client management, thousands of home renovation professionals run their business end to end on Houzz.

Construction Estimating Software
Construction Estimating Software

Estimate Rocket

The software helps you create professional proposals and follow up with prospects. This helps reduce the hours spent doing manual paperwork and chasing down payments–meaning you get paid faster. The software provides autoatmion to eliminate duplicate entires, or reduce errors made with documents, schedules, photos, notes, and more.

Construction Contractors in Florida

Chris-Tel Construction

Chris-Tel Construction is a full-service Construction Management and Design-Build firm specializing in horizontal and vertical construction. They have a diverse portfolio of projects consisting of new construction, building additions, roadway improvements, and interior renovations

Construction Contractors in Fort Myers
Construction Contractor

One Source Construction Company

We ensure that we take you to step by step throughout the project to keep you fully informed about all the important details of your commercial construction project. OneSource Construction Company also focuses on building and maintaining exceptional customer and partner relationships because we take pride in our local community and look forward to helping it grow and flourish day by day.

Floridas Contractors

Florida Contractors helps people to find licensed and fully insured residential and commercial building contractors. They also provide painting, drywall, bathroom remodeling, flooring, etc services. 

Floridas Contractors

Introduction to Construction Estimating

Building Construction estimating can help you ensure the right project at the right value. With estimating you can win new projects and business for agency.  

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Building Estimation Methods And Processes

Building and cost estimates are especially important in housing projects where budgets and deadlines are closely linked to creditor repayments and earning possibilities as early as possible.

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Building Estimating Software - Demonstration!!!

Building construction cost Estimating is an important step in any building project. In order to accurately estimate the cost of a construction project, the contractor must prepare a detailed cost estimate, schedule and construction plan.


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There are many things to consider when deciding whether to renovate an existing home or building a new one. If you are looking to shrink in size and your current home is too large, repairs are unlikely to solve your problem and you should consider other options.

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I used their services for estimation. I am really impressed with their services. Thank you for your good service.
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I used their services for estimation. I am really impressed with their services. Thank you for your good service.

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