We deal with all material and cost estimates for residential and commercial construction projects. We use software’s like Planswift that helps our estimators in preparing the most accurate and fast estimates for any kind of project. We provide construction takeoff services for contractors, owners, developers, Sub Contractors, Architects, and Lenders.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

A construction takeoff in the definition is the process of quantifying the material quantity required for a construction project by counting and measuring items from a set’s of drawings that we receive from different general contractors and owners.

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The Takeoff Process
  1. Count the Symbols – You must count the symbols to determine the number of components that need to complete the job.
  2. Measure the Circuits – You must also measure the circuits shown in the drawings.
  3. Calculate the Takeoff.

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The phrase “take-off” refers to the estimator taking each materials off a project blueprint. We often give different terms in front of takeoff, such as ‘Concrete takeoff. ‘ In this instance, the material is specified and means the total quantity of ‘concrete’ required to complete that specific project.

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Only difference between BOM and MTO is, that BOM is terms applied in Detail Design Package for Fabrication and MTO is terms applied in Detail Design Package for Erection. MTO contains more bulk materials listing with qualities, quantities.

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We are for the solution, for commercial construction estimating this is very important that should be experience and precision. We worked for a lot of clients of different types of industries. Many projects are completed. We had different type of projects. Some of them are given here.


Our team of experience estimators can digitally takeoff the quantities for your projects, and we can include pricing for your entire takeoff.

Preliminary Residential Cost Takeoffs

Our team can develop Preliminary Takeoffs before investing a lot of time and money into a project to make better design and business decisions. We work with basic Construction Drawings or even sketches. Getting it right in the beginning before you start your home construction is critical to the success of the project.

Pre-Construction Final Takeoffs and Estimates

Before starting construction it’s important to verify the bids being submitted by your contractors and subcontractors to avoid being overcharged, and to prevent tactics like front loading and unnecessary change orders. If you’re investing in a residential development project, our team can help you solidify and finalize your numbers before starting.

Owner/Builder or Investors

Do you need to know if a residential investment is worth starting? Our analysis will review the project and give estimated pricing of a project before submitting for financing, obtaining vendor quotes, and to verify budgets to make correct investment purchasing decisions.

Highly Accurate Estimates

Since we ourselves are a Contractor, we know what goes into building projects. Our experienced team will perform all the quantity takeoffs with a level of precision. Our pricing is based on cost database that gives us pricing based on the zip code.

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