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Our residential Masonry Cost estimating services help you bid effectively for your masonry work and step up your winning game. We specialize in producing high-quality residential masonry takeoffs for the new installation, upgrade, or repair.

We quantify all the masonry systems and prepare estimates for CMU Masonry, Limestone, Brick Masonry, granite masonry, marble masonry, soap store masonry, etc.

Our estimates are highly accurate and well managed. You can increase your bid-winning ratio with our commercial masonry cost estimating services.

Residential Masonry Cost Estimator

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Masonry structures provide an attractive rustic or elegant look for a home or building, depending on the material used and the workers’ expertise. Being durable and resistant, mansory can withstand large amounts of compressive weight loads. Masonry units increase the thermal mass of a building.

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Brick prices per square foot.
Brick typeCost per square foot
Engineer brick$3.25 – $8.25
Concrete brick$3.50 – $7.50
Thin brick veneer / siding$7.50 – $11.50

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The national average materials cost to install a masonry wall is $14.78 per square foot, with a range between $11.98 to $17.57. The total price for labor and materials per square foot is $27.64, coming in between $23.51 to $33.78

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The most direct means of determining the number of concrete masonry units needed for any project is to simply determine the total square footage of each wall and divide by the surface area provided by a single unit specified for the project.

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Our expert masonry cost estimator, having practical knowledge of masonry works, quantify each and every detail in division 4, masonry trade including all types and configurations of bricks, CMU walls, clay and glass masonry, mortar and grout, brick veneer, bond beams, lintels, facing bricks, insulation, flashing, masonry reinforcement, masonry restoration, transportation, labor costs, and man-hours involved.

We provide commercial masonry cost estimating service for CMU masonry, Clay Unit Masonry, Granite Masonry, Marble Masonry, Limestone Masonry, etc. 

Estimate Florida Consulting provides commercial masonry cost estimating for small and big construction companies, general contractors, masonry contractors, architects, etc.

Brick porch repair cost

Brick porch repair costs $1,700 to $3,300 on average for repointing and fixing small sections. Masons charge $12 to $35 per square foot for replacing a few bricks. Total costs depend on the foundation type, size, and porch design.

Repair typeAverage cost
Per square foot$12 – $35
Average repair$1,700 – $3,300
Full replacement$3,900 – $9,000

Cost to build a brick or stone wall

The average cost to build a brick a stone wall is $3,800 to $9,700 or $90 to $530 per linear foot. A brick wall or fence costs $19 to $55 per square foot, depending on the thickness and style. A stone wall costs $25 to $79 per square foot.

  • An interior stone accent wall costs $19 to $55 per square foot.
  • A brick pillar or column costs $580 to $1,900.
  • A stone driveway pillar costs $1,500 to $3,500.
Residential Masonry Cost Estimator

Brick siding cost

The average cost to brick a house is $8,700 to $28,000 for siding a full exterior. Installing brick siding costs $2,400 to $14,500 to add brick to the front of a house. Brick veneer costs $10 to $23 per square foot installed for thin brick veneers or real face-brick siding.

  • The labor cost alone to lay brick veneer is $2 to $8 per square foot.
  • Removing brick from a house costs $3 to $6 per square foot.
  • Replacing vinyl siding with brick costs $9 to $20 per square foot total.
  • Faux-brick panels cost $14 to $24 per square foot installed.
  • Brick veneer repair costs $11 to $24 per square foot.

Types of Masonry Walls in Building Construction

  • Load Bearing Masonry Walls

    Load bearing masonry walls are constructed with bricks, stones or concrete blocks. These walls directly transfer loads from the roof to the foundation. These walls can be exterior as well as interior walls.

  • Reinforced Masonry Walls

    Reinforced masonry walls can be load bearing walls or non-load bearing walls. The use of reinforcement in walls helps it to withstand tension forces and heavy compressive loads. The un-reinforced masonry walls are prone to cracks and failure under heavy compressive loads and during earthquakes.

  • Hollow Masonry Walls

    Hollow or Cavity masonry walls are used to prevent moisture reaching the interior of the building by providing hollow space between outside and inside face of the wall. These walls also helps in temperature control inside the building from outside wall as the hollow space restricts heat to pass through the wall.

  • Composite Masonry Walls

    These walls are constructed with two or more units such as stones or bricks and hollow bricks. This type of masonry wall construction is done for better appearance with economy. In composite masonry walls, two wythes of masonry units are constructed bonding with each other.

  • Post-tensioned Masonry Walls

    Post-tensioned masonry walls are constructed to strengthen the masonry walls against the forces that may induce tension in the wall such as earthquake forces or wind forces. These walls are constructed from the foundation level and post-tensioning rods are anchored into the foundation.

Estimate Florida Consulting provides all types of masonry estimating services for residential and commercial projects. Our estimate report helps to win more projects.

Cost of brick wall per square foot

A brick wall costs $25 to $48 per square foot of wall face installed, depending on the type, wall thickness, and size.

Brick wall typeCost per square foot
Brick (single layer)$18 – $25
Brick (double layer)$36 – $48
Thin or face-brick veneer$10 – $28
residential masonry cost estimator

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Masonry Cost Estimator

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