How much does it cost to build porch?

The national average cost range is between $20,000 and $40,000. Most people spend around $25,000 for a 16 x 20-foot house front porch with asphalt roofing, wood decking, and laminated wood pillars. This project’s low cost is around $5,500 for a simple portico with sheet metal roofing and a single concrete step. The high cost is $55,000 for a 20 x 25-foot wraparound porch with exotic wood decking, metal tile roof, decorative elements, and wide front steps.

Cost To Build Porch

Cost to Build a Porch by Type

Front porches come in different shapes and sizes. They can be simple front steps with a small roof for visitors or large farmer-style porches. The different types you choose can vary, depending on your home’s architecture and the space size and function of the porch. Simple stoops or porticos can give visitors a place to stand out of the rain. A large front porch gives you a place to entertain or relax. While many people think of them as being on the front, you can also create different types in other areas, such as back porches, sunporches, and lanais. Each has different appearances, attributes, and cost ranges to consider:

Cost To Build Porch
TypeAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Front Stoop$5,000 – $11,000
Portico$5,000 – $22,000
Rain$12,000 – $28,000
Back Porch$13,000 – $32,000
Lanai$14,000 – $33,000
Sunporch$13,000 – $33,000
Sleeping$17,000 – $32,000
Wraparound$22,000 – $63,000
Veranda$22,000 – $63,000


Front Stoop Cost

The cost of front stoop costs from $5,000 to $11,000. Front stoops are not porches because they often do not have a roof. They may have an awning to provide shade. They usually do not contain columns but may have a railing 1. They are comparable to small porches because they have a standing area at the front door. This area can be large enough for one or two people or hold a few chairs.

Front Door Portico Cost

A front door portico costs between $5,000 and $22,000 on average. This is a front stoop with a roof and supporting columns. It may be elevated or ground level, and it can have a railing or be open. Like the front stoop, it can be small enough to hold one or two people or large enough to hold some chairs. Porticos are often added as a more decorative way of bringing attention to the front door area than as a usable porch. Porticos can add dimension to the front of a home and increase curb appeal.

Back Porch Cost

A back porch costs between $13,000 and $32,000 on average. There can be many types of back porches. They can be identical to standard front porches – essentially a deck with a roof. Or they can be a screened-in sunporch or another structure. Some are even situated away from the home, with a small walkway connecting them. Back porches are a good alternative for homeowners who want more shade in aggressively sunny climates.

Sunporch Cost

A sunporch or Florida room averages $13,000 to $33,000. Sunporches have many names, from Florida rooms to 3-season porches to screened porches. They can even be in the same category as a lanai, depending on the area where they are installed and what is beyond them. Screened-in porch costs are similar to the costs of other porches. The screening-in does not add considerably to the costs, mostly because they do not have columns or other items. The absence of these often makes up for the increased cost of screening.

Wraparound Porch Cost

Wraparound porches cost from $22,000 to $63,000 on average. Wraparound porches line at least two sides of a house. They often wrap at least three sides and, in some cases, all four. Wraparound porches are frequently seen in farmhouses. For this reason, they are often referred to as “farmer’s porches.” They are often wide and long, so their costs are usually much higher.

Veranda Cost

A veranda costs between $22,000 and $63,000 on average. Verandas are a subtype of wraparound porches. They are large open-air porches that may be elevated or at ground level. They wrap at least two sides of a building and may extend all the way around. They usually have a decorative railing extending around the entirety. Verandas may also be wider than other porches.

Porch Addition Cost Breakdown

Many porches have similar components, such as roofing, flooring, columns, and stairs. The materials and the size and amount used differ, meaning that costs differ.

Because there can be so many differences, it is difficult to give a cost breakdown that encompasses them all. The following breakdown is for a standard 16 x 20-foot front porch with wooden decking and basic materials in a classic elevated style. Costs include material and labor costs where applicable:

Cost To Build Porch
ProjectAverage Costs (Installed)
Permit$120 – $550
Railing$450 – $1,500
Columns / Posts$400 – $4,500
Foundation$1,400 – $4,000
Roof$3,500 – $7,000
Skirt$500 – $6,000
Steps$800 – $4,000
Flooring$700 – $13,500

Porch Railing Cost by Material

For safety, most porches have a railing. This is particularly true for elevated porches because ground-level porches are more likely to be screened. Like the columns, the railings can be made of many materials and come in many styles. It is common for your railing material to match the other components in the area. For example, you should use wood railings if your porch, columns, and flooring are wood. If you use vinyl 2 columns or have vinyl siding or fencing, you may want to use vinyl railings.

Material can have different considerations beyond how it looks. For example, wood railings need more maintenance than vinyl and metal. Railings with traditional appearances can also obscure your view, so you may want to consider wire or glass if you are building your porch to view your surroundings.

Cost To Build Porch
MaterialAverage Costs per Linear Foot (Installed)
Wood$8 – $33
Vinyl$17 – $55
Aluminum$34 – $125
Wrought Iron$50 – $80
Wire$100 – $130
Glass$160 – $195

Cost of Porch Columns by Style

Columns are highly visible parts of different designs. Therefore, style is important to reach your home’s full potential. Columns come in several styles and materials to complete the look.

The most simple columns are called posts and may be described as the “farmhouse style.” This is a straight, often squared-off post that complements many homes. It may be tapered, but it is often the simplest design you can find.

If your house already has different architectural elements you want to play up, you can do that with the columns. This includes using Colonial, Victorian, or Craftsman-style columns on homes of those styles. You are not necessarily tied to using those columns only on those home styles, but they match those well.

Otherwise, you can mix materials for decorative-looking columns that can enhance many homes, regardless of the style or material. Whenever possible, ensure your columns coordinate with your railing or home for the best design.

Your porch may need two to six columns, depending on the shape and size. Below are the costs per column installed.

Cost To Build Porch
StyleAverage Costs (Installed)
Farmhouse$180 – $1,000
Colonial$185 – $950
Victorian$195 – $1,200
Decorative$290 – $1,200
Craftsman$280 – $1,200

Porch Roof Types

In most cases, your porch’s roof style should match your house’s roof style. This means that its material and shape should match your home for the most cohesive look. However, you can give your porch roof a different style, depending on your needs and the porch size and shape. For example, the roof may have a different pitch than the home’s roof. It may also benefit to have a different roofing type in some cases. You may use a simple shed roof on your porch while your home has a hipped roof to continue the front slope rather than adding another peak.

Most porches are built with a wooden frame like the roof of your home. This costs $6 to $8 a board foot on average. You can also build the roof with a metal frame, such as if you wanted to have a clear glass roof. In this case, the costs are closer to $10 to $12 per board foot.

Cost To Build Porch

Portico Roof

Porticos are small porches, so the roof is also small. It is usually a very simple gable roof. This means it has a single peak in the center so that the rainwater drains to the sides. However, a portico can have a shed roof. These are usually used if your home is modern or the portico is smaller.

Hip Porch Roof

A hip rooftop is a well-known rooftop style. For this situation, your rooftop frames all the more a pyramid as opposed to a triangle. It inclines equally to the front of your patio and each side. While a hipped rooftop on a house slants to the back, the rooftop generally begins at the house and inclines outward. This is an extraordinary rooftop for adding substance to the front of your home. If you have a bigger yard and need to develop the rooftop to turn out to be essential for engineering, this sort of rooftop is a decent decision.

Retractable Porch Roof

Retractable rooftops come in a few structures. At the point when individuals examine retractable rooftops, they generally mean an outlined retractable shade of some sort or another. At times, you can have a completely retractable hard rooftop. These can be incredibly costly, up to $35,000, for the rooftop alone. These rooftops don’t have sections for help, yet they have an extremely durable edge. The rooftop withdraws into a space underneath the home’s rooftop, leaving the edge set up. This can be a decent choice for back patios where individuals might need sun sporadically but not consistently.

Porch Roof Cost by Material

The porch roof can be finished in many materials. It is most common to match your porch’s roof to your home’s roof. This gives you the most cohesive look. However, you can mix and match, particularly for modern homes where you may want a different look.

Shingle 4 roofs are generally the most common. This can be inexpensive asphalt 5, architectural shingles, or solar shingles. Shingle roofs come in many colors and include some types of cool roofing for hot cities.

You can utilize a similar material in the event that your home has a metal rooftop, including aluminum, steel, or stone-covered metal tiles. These can have a great many expenses, contingent upon the rooftop style. Standing crease 6 metal rooftops are normal for their solidarity and simplicity of establishment, yet metal rooftops come in many structures.

You can likewise utilize wooden rooftops with cedar shingles or shakes 7 as the roofing material. This is a decent decision for homes in provincial regions yet can require more upkeep than other roofing materials. Assuming your home has cedar shingles, your yard shingles may not be guaranteed to match since they need time to climate.

Finally, consider a glass roof if you do not need shade but want something more modern in appearance. Glass roofs keep the rain off your porch without impeding your view. They often use large metal supports, enhancing the contemporary appearance.

Cost To Build Porch
MaterialAverage Costs per Sq.Ft. (Installed)
Shingle$4.50 – $6.50
Aluminum$5 – $17
Wooden$5 – $15
Metal$5.0 – $35.0
Glass$25 – $75

Porch Skirt Price by Type

If you have an elevated porch, you may want to put a skirt around it. A skirt covers the area beneath your porch and hides it from view. Skirts are not necessary for the porch’s function. They are strictly decorative, and you can add one at any time. They come in a range of styles and materials and have varying costs.

The less expensive option is a lattice skirt. This can be made from several materials but most commonly wood material. This is a criss-cross of materials forming an open lattice over the underside of your deck. It is easy to install and remove.

Vinyl is good if you want something you never have to paint. There are vinyl lattice skirts and more solid options. This goes well with vinyl siding and other vinyl exteriors.

Brick and faux stone 8 are also low-maintenance options. These are more costly and harder to remove if you need to reach the area beneath your porch. However, they are very decorative and give your porch a more permanent and built-in appearance.

Finally, there is Victorian-style skirting if you have a Victorian home or like the look. This is more decorative than other types and is meant to stand out. There are many patterns and styles, some of them handmade. These are usually made of wood and require regular maintenance.

Cost To Build Porch
TypeAverage Costs per Linear Foot (Installed)
Lattice$3 – $55
Vinyl$7 – $15
Brick$25 – $60
Faux Stone$30 – $65
Victorian$50 – $120

Front Porch Steps Price by Material

You can create steps in many ways. You can match your decking material with wood or composites. You can also match other features nearby, such as bluestone or paver walkways or patios. This style can help create the most cohesive look, tying the areas together.

However, you can also make your steps stand out by using something completely different – a different type of wood or color or a material like tile or concrete that can become a focal point. Concrete can also be colored, stained, or stamped for the appearance of other materials, including wood and stone. So, concrete can be a good alternative if you want a look that is not readily available.

Below are the average costs per square foot to build your steps using the most popular materials.

Cost To Build Porch
MaterialAverage Costs per Square Foot (Installed)
Concrete$8 – $35
Tile$8.0 – $25
Wood$14.50 – $50
Bluestone$18 – $45
Paver$20 – $50
Composite$25 – $80

Screened-In Porch Cost by Type of Enclosure

Not all porches are enclosed, but if you intend on having an enclosed porch, the enclosure material makes a difference in the cost. Screen enclosures come in several types and materials. Each has attributes and costs to consider, which impact your porch project and costs.

Cost To Build Porch
TypeAverage Cost per Square Foot (Installed)
Aluminum$4.50 – $7
Premium Metals$5 – $9
Fiberglass$6 – $8
Sun-Blocking Screen$6 – $8
Retractable Screen$30 – $50

Porch Door Cost by Type

While you do not necessarily need a door to enter the porch from the outdoors of the house, you need a door separating it from your home if you have a screened-in porch. This is important because it can keep energy costs down for screened-in areas that cannot be heated or cooled. You may also want to add a storm door 11 to the screened outdoor area for exiting the screened area directly outside.

Cost To Build Porch
TypeAverage Costs (Material Only)
Storm Door$100 – $900
French$500 – $3,000
Double$600 – $5,000
Sliding$800 – $3,000

Porch vs Patio

Porches and patios both address comparative issues. They are both outside spaces utilized for unwinding and engaging. Notwithstanding, they are assembled and utilized in an unexpected way.

Patios are usually installed at the back of the house and are frequently ground-level. They can be raised on a platform, but this is generally only one step high. Patios may have an awning or cover but do not usually have roofs or large permanent structures overhead.

Porches are typically introduced on the facade of the home. Albeit, a lanai or sunporch might be introduced in different regions. Most yards are raised, requiring steps or steps to get to, yet some are ground level.

However, all porches have a roof. This is the biggest difference between a porch and patio. The porch needs a strong foundation and has higher costs than a patio. Both come in many styles and use different materials.

Below are the average costs for building an average-sized porch and patio onto an existing home.

Cost To Build Porch
ProjectAverage Costs (Labor Included)
Patio$3,000 – $10,000
Porch$17,000 – $38,000

Porch vs Deck

The biggest difference between the two is that a porch has a roof, and a deck does not. Decks are usually considered more open space, and while they may have an awning or pergola 12, they generally do not have a full roof. The porch’s foundation must be stronger than the deck’s to hold the roof’s weight. Porches also typically cost more than decks for this reason, with the foundation and the roof making up the difference in costs.

Cost To Build Porch
ProjectAverage Costs (Installed)
Deck$7,500 – $18,000
Porch$17,000 – $38,000

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