Cost to Build a Badminton Court

The price of building a badminton court can start small, as $5000 to as high as $20,000. It all depends on the location of the court, the location will be the biggest influential factor on the pricing.

 The price of the land in a more affluent area will demand more money and will be far more expensive than a more commonly available area.

badminton court construction

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Maintenance Cost For a Badminton Court

The more space you have inside the room, the more details that you need to add to make the place stand out. Which can be rather difficult without proper supervision.

Hiring a professional to walk you through every little part of the badminton court requirements will cost a lot of money. If you are planning to open the court for the public to use, you need to think about additional laws set up in your area.

Local laws may want you to spend a lot on facilities, safety, insurance, staff, and many more. When you consider every little aspect of it, the cost will go upwards of $5000 or $8000. Then you will have to deal with maintenance every single day. To be at a functional level, it will need its daily maintenance. Which can only come from daily upkeep. Depending on things that have been installed in the court, the maintenance financial requirement level will differ.

If the court has fewer features, then the maintenance fees might not break the ceiling.

Yearly Maintenance Cost For Badminton Court

As more stuff gets added on, the final price for maintenance fee can go beyond $1000 to $4000 yearly. Other pricing details will make badminton court building more expensive, more on that later. Keeping the court feature to the bare minimum will have you spend over $5000.

While going all out on the occurrence, adding as much as possible to make the court look modern with special quality can cost over $2000.

The Additional Cost of a Badminton Court

This section will cover all the additional costs of badminton that might not appear on the surface level. However, knowing about them will give you an idea of how much money you will spend on them for the proper upkeep of the court.

Cost of Mats

One of the things that you will come across when you’re building a badminton court is mats. While on the surface, you can get a good quality mat for under $1000. Mats with lines printed on them will cost between $3000 to $3,500—higher-quality mats with logos above $10000. Many people get settled with a slice of used mat, which costs far less, but they might not have a modern look you are going for.

Lighting Charge

Building a badminton court indoor will have its fair share of requirements that may not be the case when located outdoors. Lighting and sanitization will be the two biggest factors in maintaining the badminton court from inside and outside levels. You are looking at stronger light that can corner every part of the count with a good lighting level from inside.

You have to spend over $100 per bulb. The number of bulbs that get added to the court, the larger the electricity requirement of the court will be in the future. The lighting system will have to be maintained almost on a regular basis.

Cost of maintaining quality

Preferring quality accessories over quantity is the road to go. Especially if you are bundling the court for people to use. They will easily notice the soddy quality accessories much faster. When you are leaning on quality stuff, you will need to think about the cost as well. Getting good quality net posts, bats, shuttlecocks, and many more necessary accessories have to be decent in quality.

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