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Estimate Florida Consulting is the No. 1 Residential and Commercial Construction Estimating Service in North Carolina, Fl. We help contractors, subcontractors, architects, builders, etc to win more projects. 

We provide a very close to accurate estimate for residential and commercial construction projects. And our consultant provides proven bidding strategies. So you can win more bids with our construction consulting and estimating service.

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Residential and Commercial Construction Cost Estimating Service in Fort Myers

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

For planning the construction of residential buildings, a proper cost estimate gives the idea of the potential costs that helps calculate markups, allocate budget, obtain financing, quote prices to the clients, and negotiate with contractors and subcontractors through our Residential estimating services.

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A construction cost estimate can be classified into three types of estimate reports according to their intended purpose.

  • Design
  • Bid
  • Control

Design estimates are prepared in the project preliminaries which gives the order of magnitude of the project cost. Bid estimates are used in the tendering phase of the project which details project overheads and other indirect costs.

Control estimates form the baseline of the project cost where the actual running costs are compared.

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Construction cost estimators prepare estimates for buildings, roads, and other construction projects. They may calculate the total cost of building a bridge or commercial shopping center, or they may calculate the cost of just one component, such as the foundation.

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A cost estimation review is a process of checking the accuracy and reliability of a cost estimate. It ensures that the cost estimation basis, assumptions, and methodologies are properly accounted for. This process goes beyond the scope of the cost engineering team. Other groups such as engineering, project management, and project specialists are involved as well.

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Our construction consultant can help you to win more bids with some working strategies. Our consultation service can help you to save more money in your construction projects. 

Our construction estimating service is highly accurate on the basis of ZIP code tracking. It helps to prepare an accurate estimated report for labour and material costs.

Our in-house estimating service can help you with an expert to explain the estimate report in detail at your location.

We provide different types of estimating services to help Owners, architects, engineers, developers, general contractors, builders, painting contractors, electrical contractors, masonry contractors, floor contractors, metal contractors, mechanical contractors, etc.

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Process To Get Estimate Report

Here I am going to share some steps to get your estimate report.

  • You need to send your plan to us.

    You can send us your plan on

  • You receive a quote for your project.

    Before starting your project, we send you a quote for your service. That quote will have detailed information about your project. Here you will get information about the size, difficulty, complexity and bid date when determining pricing.

  • Get Estimate Report

    We do estimating and prepare a detailed report for your project. At last you finalize the report and finish the project.

Benefits of Construction Estimating Service

Here, you’ll get information about the benefits of Construction Estimating Service.

Residential and Commercial Construction Cost Estimating Service in Fort Myers

Perfect Project Management

With an estimate report, you can manage your projects perfectly. You can move step by step according to the estimate report. You can manage your budget, engineers, workers, machines, etc. 

Perfect project management can deliver a project on time. 

Fast Execution

A step-by-step move is a key to success. You can complete a project on time with a working plan. An estimate report can help you to execute your tasks faster. 

Our construction estimating and consulting service can help you to complete your projects faster.

Residential and Commercial Construction Estimating Service in Orlando
Construction Cost Estimating

Grow Your Business Faster

You can grow your business with construction estimating service. Our estimate reports help contractors to grow faster. You can bid on more projects and win them. So you can grow your business faster with our construction estimating service.

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Patio Pools and Driveways
Patio Pools and Driveways
"Came to recuse and took care the project from start to finish"
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I used their services for estimation. I am really impressed with their services. Thank you for your good service.
6 Star Constructors
6 Star Constructors
"Came to recuse and took care the project from start to finish"
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I have won bids by construction estimate reports that you prepared for me. Thank you, now I have good projects. And I am making good profit with them. It's very easy to manage my construction projects with estimate reports that you prepared for me.
Marvelous Marble Restoration
Marvelous Marble Restoration
"Came to recuse and took care the project from start to finish"
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Thank you Estimate Florida Consulting. I have save a lot of money and time by estimate report that you prepared for my projects. I have completed my projects on time. My clients are very happy with my service.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a National Parkway and All-American Road in the United States, noted for its scenic beauty. The parkway, which is America’s longest linear park, runs for 469 miles through 29 Virginia and North Carolina counties, linking Shenandoah National Park to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville

One of North Carolina’s must-see attractions is the Biltmore Estate, one of the top attractions in Asheville. At the center of an 8,000-acre compound, the Vanderbilt Mansion is the largest private home in the United States. The mansion has 250 rooms with impressive artwork, antiques, and architecture, as well as collections of vintage clothing and accessories.

Beaches of the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks are barrier islands off the coast of the U.S. state of North Carolina, separating the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland. Their open-sea beaches, state parks and shipwreck diving sites make them a popular holiday destination. Roanoke Island was the site of England’s first settlement in the New World, an endeavor sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh.

Downhill Skiing

North Carolina’s five ski resorts draw alpine enthusiasts from far and wide to their impressive slopes. Spread out over the mountain regions, each resort has its own vibe. The biggest ski resorts are Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain, both located near the funky town of Banner Elk. These resorts top out at over 5,000 feet and catch any storms headed towards North Carolina.

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Estimate Florida Consulting can help you win more projects by our construction estimating service. Our residential and commercial estimate reports are highly accurate and well managed. You just need to spend 10-15 minutes to review the report and you are ready to bid that project.

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