Benefits of residential and commercial patio enclosures

Adding a patio enclosure creates space where you can have a little more control over the environment around you while still feeling like you are outside. Sometimes you might want to sit down and read a book outside, but you don’t want to be bothered by mosquitoes or other pesky bugs. Or maybe you Would like to get some work done on your laptop in the fresh air, but you’re worried about your laptop getting to hot in the sun? A patio enclosure can provide the space you need to enjoy the outdoors without having to deal with these unpleasant conditions.

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Reasons to install residential patio enclosures:

  • Adds value to your home: Anytime you add square footage and living space to your home, you can increase its value, both in perception and in the actual value.
  • Improves the curb appeal of your home: Adding a 4 season patio not only increases the value of your home it also has the added benefit of looking great from the outside.
  • Creates extra living space: Think of how great it would be to have a new room in your house that has all the great benefits of being outside but one that can also house indoor furniture.
  • Fully Customizable: With the experts here at New Haven Awning we can help you get the 4 season patio of your dreams.
  • Quick Installation: A patio enclosure can be installed in about half the time as conventional construction, it can even be installed over your existing deck, porch or patio.

Commercial Benefits of patio enclosures

Not only does a patio enclosure look great but you can use your outdoor space to your financial benefit by investing in an commercial patio enclosure. Restaurants, wedding venues, yacht clubs and so many other types of businesses have seen an increase in customers traffic and revenue after they’ve increased their year round usable space by adding an enclosure.  The best part is that this can all be done using your existing space in half the time and money of conventional construction

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  • Customers can enjoy the view all year round: If you have a patio that currently has a great view then why would you want your customers to only see it 3 or 4 months out of the year?
  • Increase your ROI: If your outdoor patio doesn’t allow you to seat customers during cold weather months, you are losing business that could otherwise maximize your profits.
  • Easily Transitioned: When the great weather is back you or your staff can easily retract the roof and remove or roll up the walls to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.
  • More storage: There is no need to put the outdoor furniture away when winter comes calling you can use it all year round.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Patio Enclosure?

At an average cost of $70/sqft, you can either partially enclose or fully enclose your patio. A partial enclosure would give you privacy and ward off wind and rain, while a full enclosure can stop bugs from getting in and keep the patio temperature at a bearable level. The number of choices for a patio enclosure can seem endless, with costs ranging from $180 up to $45,000 for high-end enclosed patios. Get free instant estimates from local patio builders near you.

Process To Get Patio Enclosure Estimate Report

Here are some steps to get your Patio enclosure installation estimate report.

  • You need to send your plan to us.

    You can send us your plan on

  • You receive a quote for your project.

    Before starting your project, we send you a quote for your service. That quote will have detailed information about your project. Here you will get information about the size, difficulty, complexity and bid date when determining pricing.

  • Get Estimate Report

    We do retractable patio enclosure cost estimating and prepare a detailed report for your project. At last you finalize the report and finish the project.

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